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Tor: Maintaining Privacy and Anonymity while Using the Internet

One of the biggest detriments of the internet is the fact that privacy and anonymity are being sacrificed once people start browsing through the myriad of web pages and websites that collect information from the people who are visiting their sites. These pieces of personal information are sometimes used by other people for their own gain, which is the case for marketers as well as identity thieves bent on committing cyber crimes. This is why the need for anonymity when browsing the internet became apparent, and fortunately a solution to the matter of maintaining privacy and anonymity while using the internet is already readily available and this is none other than the Tor anonymity network.

Tor, which is an abbreviation for The Onion Router, is a software program that can help individuals who wish to maintain their privacy and anonymity. But aside from these individuals, the software has also proven to be useful to other kinds of people, such as military and law enforcement personnel, business companies, journalists and activists, and even mere bloggers who wish to keep their blog posts to either themselves or a selected number of people. The trick with this software program is that it routes internet traffic through a massive network of servers that conceals a person’s identity on the internet. This is done by the program to prevent people from being tracked by individuals or groups of people who are conducting network surveillances or traffic analyses, which are ways for them to obtain not only personal information about people, but also their interests and their habits when browsing the internet.

Anonymously Browsing Tor Hidden Sites OnionSpace

The word “Onion” is actually an accurate representation of how the software works, because it uses many layers of security to be able to hide and shield the identities of the people who use their program. The data regarding the people who use the program are encrypted and re-encrypted several times through various relays, thus creating the layers of protection that makes it difficult for the original data to be unscrambled.

Among the activities of people on the internet that can be concealed through the use of the Tor network are visits to websites and specific web pages, blog posts and comments, instant messages through online messaging software, and other forms of communication, while also enabling them to remain anonymous while using their web browsers. The web browser that comes when downloading the entire bundle of the software has also been customized to delete information after they are used and they can also be used to view hidden sites on the internet, which cannot be simply found through the use of search engines.

But perhaps the best thing about this program is that it is free of charge and is readily available on the internet. Furthermore, virtually all sorts of people will find that there is something useful for them once they use this software program. For military and law enforcement personnel who wish to share information that are classified and should only be read by a selected number of people, using the Onion routing system will enable them to do just that, and the same thing applies to business executives who wish to share information about their companies but are also wary of rivals who might access these pieces of information. And even journalists and whistleblowers and activists who are fearful for their lives but still wish to coordinate with one another will find the Tor network to be extremely helpful.

And of course, people who wish to maintain their privacy are very much welcome to download and install this software into their computers so that they will never worry anymore about their privacy once they start clicking for those websites and web pages on the internet.

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